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I often dream about family that passed away, which i guess many people do also. Some people say that it’s our own minds projecting those people, some even might say that we’re interacting with their spirit. I don’t know. I have an open mind. But a thing i wanted to experiment is something that i read people did, which is asking the “dream character” to tell something that we don’t know, so that we can validate in the real world. So, as i often dream with my deceased grandmother, i asked her to tell me something that only she and his daughter (my mother) knows. So i can then validate it with my mother.
The problem is that for the third time i ask this, when she is about to tell me something, i wake up suddenly. Firstly, i often wake up slowly from a dream, with the dream fading away, not suddenly with my heart beating fast. Secondly, i always wake up after asking that question. Why is that? Coincidence? Is my subconscious preventing me to know the answer?

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Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for your question about deceased dream figures in lucid dreams.  Yes, sometimes they may be merely projections of our own mind.  In some instances, though, they may say something which later we can verify or confirm — and then realize that we received information outside of our own knowing.

Why are you waking up?

I can only suggest a possible reason:

Most people wake when they feel too much emotion.  Therefore, it may be that you feel too much excitement that the deceased dream figure of your grandmother may actually tell you something which is outside of your own knowing (because if true, then this would have significant implications for your view of the world).  So you may have a strange desire to know, and also not to know!  This might explain it.

So your subconscious is not preventing you — it seems your own conscious mind and its emotional response that is either fearful or conflicted about hearing a response.

Best wishes!

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