RC some times failing in dreams

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Hi Robert, first of all, many thanks for introducing Lucid Dreaming in all its glory to us. I’ve bought both of your books and immensely enjoyed reading them. I’ve also gifted them to my friends. I took up Lucid Dreaming because of you. ūüôā

Now to the question: at times, my reality check – finger through palm – failed in my dreams. So I took them to be real and missed on becoming lucid. At times I remembered to perform more than one RC and was able to become lucid even when the first failed; but I don’t always remember that while in a dream. So I was wondering why this RC would fail some times, and if there was a way to prevent that from happening.


Hi Shriniwas,

Glad you enjoyed my books, and have gifted them to your friends.  Thanks!

I feel that almost every lucid dream has had a moment, when the ‘reality check’ does not work. ¬†When that happens, it seems a good idea to have a second reality check (such as levitating, or pulling the finger to see if it grows, etc.).

Sometimes in a lucid dream, if our hands (or the wall) seems ‘real’, then we can not push our finger through it — because we ‘believe’ strongly in its reality. ¬†But if we change our mind, and suddenly think, ‘My hand is made of dream stuff’ or ‘This wall is made of dream stuff’ then we can likely push our finger through it.

Of course, when we first become lucid, we may feel a bit uncertain.  That explains why having a second reality check seems a brilliant idea.

It may help to experiment with reality checks and determine which one seems to work best almost all the time.  For me, floating just a bit seems the thing.  But for someone else, it might be holding their nose.

Lucid wishes,


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