Is This Lucid Deaming?

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Dear Robert,

I wish you remember me; I’m the Korean reader of your book who questioned you several months ago.

I have some questions with my Lucid dreaming.

These days, I had some confusing experiences.


I could know that the situation is dream, and I could partly be aware of awaken world.

I could do same things in dream as Lucid Dreamings.

I could wake up easily by somebody calling me, or wake up by my will.


Are this Lucid dreaming too? Or are these some kinds of different dreams?

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Yes.  If you know, “The situation is dream” — then you are lucid.

But, the level of lucid dreaming can vary.  Sometimes, you know it is a lucid dream, but you do not make many decisions, and you do not have ‘high’ level of awareness ( which means, you do not consider all of the potential possibilities that are available to you).

But sometimes, you are fully lucid with a very high understanding of the possible decisions and actions that you can make.  For this reason, I suggest to lucid dreamers, “When you become lucid and stabilize the lucid dream, then ask yourself — ‘What do I really want to do?’ — and this may remind you of a goal to achieve or an important action.”

Because we are lucid, this does not mean we are automatically ‘smart’ or ‘wise’.  😉

Lucid wishes to you!

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