can 3rd person perspective change how I lucid dream?

can 3rd person perspective change how I lucid dream?2018-09-30T12:50:58-05:00


hi Robert, I’ve heard good things about your books and plan on buying them here soon!
so Ive been trying to lucid dream for the past 4 night using the wake up after 6 hours of sleep and doing a reality check, laying back down and thinking to myself that I’m gonna lucid dream and thinking of where I wanna go and everything else (in your opinion do you think that’s a good technique?) but haven’t had any luck with even remembering most of my dreams.
awhile ago before I started studying and trying lucid dreaming. I actually experienced one (I think) I was on 3rd person perspective and saw myself in a blue kinda icy large setting. and somehow I just said to myself (this is a dream) and boom, It became incredibly hard to stay asleep for long but I had the chance to fly around for a moment but really didn’t get enough time to experience a lot of what lucid dreaming can offer (probably because I was so uneducated on the subject)
I was wondering if by dreaming in 3rd perspective most the time, if there was a different technique that’s better for that. or if I’m in a lucid dream am I able to see from my perspective once I’m lucid, even if the dream started in 3rd perspective of myself? does dreaming in 3rd perspective of myself change anything at all for that matter?
thank you for taking your time of reading this Robert, I hope I explained everything well enough so you can give the best answer possible ❤️

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You’re right — it helps to be ‘educated’ on lucid dreaming in order to have long, stable lucid dreams — and use successful techniques that are properly explained. 😉  So I hope you will check out the books.
I think the Wake-Back-To-Bed technique is a good one — especially for an experienced lucid dreamer.  I would normally not recommend it to a beginner, though.  And from your description, it suggests that you are too un-focused as you fall back asleep.
Congrats on the lucid dream that came from the ‘icy large setting’ — where you seemed literally and metaphorically ‘stuck’ but then became lucid and broke free. 😉
Some people dream in the observer’s role, or the third person perspective, occasionally in their dreams.  I notice that I do this too, since it probably relates to my interest in observing and analyzing things.  For those interested in lucid dreaming, this ‘perspective’ can be helpful — when coupled with mindful awareness and proper suggestion, since greater awareness and proper suggestion (e.g., the next time I see something strange, I will realize that I am dreaming) can prompt a third person observer to realize, ‘This must be a dream!’
Lucid wishes!

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