archetypal symbols what are they and why do they occur?

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One of my most significant and memorable lucid moments happened one night after what felt like hours of  myself continuously going in and out of lucidity, I remember telling a ‘dream character’ to remind me if I lose lucidity, whether or not that played a significant part who knows. Eventually I found myself in an intermediary stage not a dream nor wakefulness, It’s quite hard to describe sort of like a ‘waiting room of pure awareness’ rather then your typical ‘playground of intention and expectation’ that one might expect in a lucid dream. I was “shown” the Seed of Life and the same night I was also “shown” a quatrefoil I had no idea what these symbols were or represented at the time, nor was I looking at or researching anything of that nature prior in waking life, I was just simply under the impression they were of some importance and significance but there was no logical explanation such as intention or expectation or the typical ‘dreams are for processing events from waking life’ I later found out what the symbols were called. I’m kind of sticking with the explanation of a sort of Carl Jung collective archetypes scenario, I’m curious as to why this phenomenon occurs and what it could mean and I’m curious about any experiences you may have had with similar archetypal symbols.


Hi Jake,

Thanks for sharing your interesting lucid dream experience.

Since lucid dreaming allows for experimentation, it seems capable of allowing us to investigate the possibility of archetypes, as well as other ideas suggested by Carl Jung and his followers.

In my books, I share some of my experiences with unexpected symbols encountered in lucid dreams.

Best wishes!

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