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Hey Robert! Heard you on Coast to Coast. Good show friend! Couldn’t get through tonight, but wondering if you’ve  heard of “sleep yoga” Yoga Nidra. I was directed to this by a incessant voice in lucidity.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your note — glad you enjoyed the radio show!

If I heard a non-visible voice in a lucid dream tell me to investigate “Yoga nidra”, then I would assume that my unconscious mind or larger awareness knows that this seems a constructive ‘next step’ in my personal development — and I’d pursue it.

Yoga nidra offers profound training — and in some ways connects with lucid dreaming, since you maintain ‘awareness’ while in a special state of consciousness — so your early work in lucid dreaming may have brought you to the point where you will benefit from yoga nidra.

My recommendation:  Explore it.  Find a good teacher, and open up to it.

Best wishes!

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