Would you say it is a sign that I’m getting close to inducing lucid dreams if I’m having dreams about trying to have lucid dreams, as well as trying to teach a dream character how to lucid dream?

Would you say it is a sign that I’m getting close to inducing lucid dreams if I’m having dreams about trying to have lucid dreams, as well as trying to teach a dream character how to lucid dream?2017-11-01T11:08:15+00:00


Dear Robert
So I have a question about dreaming and lucid dreaming, and this is related to some dreams I have had recently. I have had a few dreams recently that have the topic of lucid dreaming in it. For example, one dream was about me trying to show my mum how to induce a lucid dream (and by the way, I do not feel qualified to teach anyone). And there was another dream where I was trying to induce a lucid dream, although the dream itself was not a “lucid dream”, it was a dream about lucid dreaming (partly, anyway). I have been trying to have lucid dreams, so I suppose my efforts are seeping in to my dreams in some form. Is this a sign that I am coming close to having a lucid dream do you think?
I have, as far as I am aware, had one lucid dream, which happened on the 28th February, 2017. It only lasted for 30 seconds or a minute or so (something like that anyway). I hardly did anything really, as I was amazed that I was aware within the dream to the extent that I was (so I made the usual mistake that most novice lucid dreamers make I think). I started using one of the techniques you teach: Finding your hands. So, every night before I went to sleep I would look at my hands and repeat in my head: “Tonight, whilst I’m dreaming I will see my hands and realise I’m dreaming.” It was not working, but I just kept doing it every night, partly because I liked the routine of it. Then, one morning, I found myself on a rugby field, at a school reunion. People who were in my class at one of the schools I went to were there, and I felt it would be nice to see them, but there was also a feeling of dread. So, I became aware that I was dreaming, and had clear thoughts stating this fact to myself. Then, everything around me dissolved into a blackness, and I was really trying to see my hands. I noticed they had cellophane gloves on. I was trying to lift my hands into my view, but my arms were resisting. Then, it ended. I wonder if because I was so fixed on trying to see my hands, it was this fixation that ended the lucid dream. It was not seeing my hands that made me aware that I was dreaming, after all. So it was a total fluke, I think.

One other question is this: I have been performing (or attempting to perform) reality checks everyday, by looking at my watch and seeing if it changes. Last night, I had a normal dream in which a dream character was breaking a watch with his foot (and he was enjoying this), and then another dream where I was looking at my watch, except the watch looked different and weird. This was not a lucid dream, as far as I can tell, but normal dreams that have aspects of attempting to practice lucid dreaming, or taking aspects of that practice at random (like looking at my watch), and then doing something else with it….I’m not sure how to explain. Anyway, my question is this: Is this a sign that my attempts so far have been useless? It seems that that they are being expressed as redundant, perhaps because I am doing something that is not quite right in order to have lucid dreams. I hope this makes sense.
I have been keeping a dream journal by the way (I’m on my third journal/writing book now), so I’m putting a lot of effort into recalling my dreams.
Anyway, I’m aware you’re probably very busy, but I hope some of this email made sense.
Many thanks for all your hard work and teachings on dreaming and lucid dreaming.
Kind regards


Hi Barnaby,

Congratulations on your lucid dream!

It seems that you have had a number of ‘pre-lucid’ dreams — for example, seeing your ‘reality check’ in the dream state, but then failing to realize, ‘Oh, this is a dream!’

This may occur as a result of an incomplete suggestion.  During the day, a person may say, “Tonight in my dreams, I will see my watch.”  But fail to add “And realize I am dreaming.”

Then they begin to report dreams of seeing their dream sign (the watch), but never becoming lucid — because the ‘suggestion’ involved simply seeing the dream sign, or seeing the watch.

Lucid dreamers learn that the exact ‘word choice’ seems extraordinarily important.

You have made some progress, but need to value those details (which I try to make clear in both of my books).  Lucid wishes!

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