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Hello Robert,

Very happy to have found your material, it is great to hear real validation of dreaming possibilities from others and share. I have been practicing dreaming for many years according to Carlos Castaneda’s books and you mentioned about the voice of consciousness in your dreams.

In one of my first dreams of awareness, I started to hear a voice that came from above just like you described, I did not speak or ask anything so it came by itself, It was certainly not part of the dream. It scared me out of my wits so much that I started to spin and woke up. What made it scary was the tone and depth and also that the word or language was not my own, I don’t know what it meant if anything. The sound of it permeated the dream and felt very close to me or on top of me. Since then I heard the same type of voice or sound briefly but only a few times. I had never intended to talk or ask questions in my dreams of awareness.

So based on what you described and what I’ve read the voice you are describing is what Don Juan called the dreaming emissary. I’m wondering though if the voice I’m hearing is not something else because it feels benevolent and scary. Also I admit that whether it is or it is not the dreaming emissary I found it disturbing that a voice of something alien talking to me even if it is in a normal tone. Can you comment?


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your question.  In my first book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self, I share how I came across the ‘awareness behind the dream’ in 1985, while doing a lucid dream experiment involving dream figures.  I felt surprised to hear a non-visible voice answer my question!  About 8 years later, in Castaneda’s Art of Dreaming, don Juan tells Carlos that this non-visible voice is called the dreaming emissary.

Now in your specific case, this seems less clear, since you did not apparently ask a question (but did you ask in your mind? such as, ‘What is going on here?’ or something like that?).  If you did not ask a question, then I might consider it a ‘dream symbol’ (like thunder, or a police siren, etc.).

Of course, the simple way to resolve this:  In your next lucid dream, simply ask a question, like ‘Hey, show me something important for me to see!’  When you receive a response, then you will understand that a larger awareness seems accessible in lucid dreams.

The final point — you will interpret the experience, according to your mindset or belief system.  A fearful person will find any evidence of a larger awareness as immediately frightening…. So you have to approach this with an open mind.  I think you will find (like thousands of people who have read my books) that an inner awareness can respond in a lucid dream with clarity, creativity and compassion.

Lucid wishes!

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