The functionality of lucid dreaming?

The functionality of lucid dreaming?2017-02-02T21:45:45+00:00


It seems (to at least some of us) that all human abilities are connected with a particular need in the greater expression of being human, even when it is unrealized by some of us as individuals…. So, is there any such explanation of lucid dreaming???



Interesting philosophical question.

On a practical level, one might ask, “What human need is served by two hours of dreaming each night?”  Or we could flip it, and say, “The human needs of dreaming seem so important, that the human organism naturally gives it two hours of focus every day.”

In my books, I note that you can use lucid dreaming for the following:

  1. Access creativity, enhance skils, etc.
  2. Promote emotional health,
  3. Promote physical health,
  4. Explore the nature of dreaming, consciousness, the mind,
  5. and Perform spiritual practices.

So you might consider these as some of the ‘particular needs’ connected to lucid dreaming.

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