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Dear Robert,

By accident I came upon your website, trying to find an answer to my sleeping troubles.

I am differently not a superstitious man, I believe I am healthy, have a healthy diet and I am working out on  daily basis.

I always take a nap after lunch and I go to bed around 12:00.

When I fall ´asleep´ I am always in a state of lucid dreams, this always occurs in the first half our of my sleep. Then I wake up, and after 5 minutes I start to sleep again like normal. (this is the common patron).

I have these experiences every single night, since I was young . (The only occasions I don´t experience them, is when I have been drinking a lot of alcohol.) When I was young I often (almost every night) experienced an endless black space of nothing. Only myself trapped in it, completely aware of myself. I was at that time not able to wake up, even though I tried. What I would do then, is just to recall my day, or think about anything like you normally do, and wait until I woke up (this could take a long time). These experiences never went away, and I have to admit, it was quite frustrating and even scary sometimes. Having this every night, makes it hard wanting to go to sleep, there were also different experiences, but mostly the black endless nothing.

As I did then, I still have them now. Though the experiences differ. Lately I am always laying on my right side. And 3 days ago I I felt like an entity, (it is absolute not human, but it feels human like, I did not look at it) is touching me. Talking in a way I can´t understand. Though I felt a hand on one of my shoulder and one on my back. This sensation was strange and quite scary, the hand started to give a burning feeling after a while. Yesterday and today I had another entity (not human like in feeling) especially touching my ear and speaking a language which is not of human nature. It is like a sort of a whispering single voice, which does not sound kind or nice, but more like the opposite.

Like I said, I am experienced with having lucid dreams and being rational involved. Though I have them in many forms, and under many circumstances, and don´t like it, but I take them for granted. These experiences are of a different nature, hearing non-human like entities talking and touching you. I hope you can give me some advice to stop it, or handing it. When I experienced it, I try to wake up and it works.




The black nothing that you describe sounds like ‘the Void’ (the term that many lucid dreamers use for it).  It normally looks like an endless field of black sparkling emptiness.  Sometimes if you hang out there long enough, a dream or lucid dream will spring up around you.

Your question has some complexities to it (and so I wished I had a bit more information to answer properly) — but here are some points, and suggestions:

  1. Lucid dreaming is a very mentally dynamic state, and mentally reflective state.  If we have feelings of fear, or danger, then suddenly in the space around us, a figure or object appears which may reflect those concerns.  So a person has to observe their mind, and gain some influence over it (if it has a tendency to go to the fear realm).
  2. Sometimes people suddenly report the appearance of a new feared thing in their dream or lucid dream life, and fail to see how it connects to something in their current waking life (e.g., a divorce, a loss of a job, a death in the family, etc.).  It seems a good idea to ask, “Why am I experiencing this now?  What is going on in my waking life which may connect to this?”
  3. Now in a true lucid dream, we see that most dream figures are ‘thought forms’ (that is, projections of our mind).  We can easily determine this by doing things like the following:  If an angry dog is there, then send it peaceful thoughts, love, compassion — and normally it will shrink!  Your ‘mental energy’ directed onto it, causes it to change, because it is a projection of your subconscious mental processes.  Seeing this, you may want to send love, compassion and understanding onto ‘this thing’ that you have encountered, and see what happens.
  4. If you wish, you can also do things, like make protective suggestions before sleep, such as, “Tonight I will respond only to constructive suggestions and influences from my self and others, and refuse to engage non-welcomed  energies.”  Often a simple suggestion like this changes one’s experience.

That would be my advice.  If you have more to say, you can fill out the ‘contact form’ and I will respond privately.

Best wishes

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