Regaining Flight and Lucid Dreaming plus Senior Citzens

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For many years, I enjoyed wonderful and extraordinary flying dreams.  They were not limited to planet Earth.  Late in doing this, I realized I was dreaming lucidly.  I began directing my flights at will.  One evening, I decided I would explore the cosmos.  As I came into my dream, I directed my dream for outer space and the Universe.  I took off so fast – probably the speed of light – and was out in the cosmos so rapidly, it frightened me.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return.  I have not dreamt lucidly since.  My flight dreams have pretty much ended.  On the rare occasion they occur, they are quite “limp” in comparison.  The light speed dream happened somewhere around 30 years ago!  I have often longed for those experiences.  Now, at age almost 65, I long to regain that ability.  I feel as though I’ve lost a significant portion of myself.  Do you think I might be successful at regaining this ability? I’m sure I still fear not being able to return.  Is it possible to become lost with this type of travel?  How can I reassure myself that I will find my way back to my body/earthly life?  Is it more difficult for seniors to develop this skill – even when having had it fairly well developed at a younger age?  Thank you so much for bringing this out in the open.

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Hi Denise,

Thanks for sharing your experience!  Flying lucid dreams can be truly extraordinary and liberating.

During my four decades of lucid dreaming (and talking with other lucid dreamers), I came to understand that ‘fear’ tends to limit lucid dreaming.  In my online workshop, many lucid dreamers often feel perplexed because they suddenly stop having regular lucid dreams — but when I ask them, “Tell me the last lucid dream that you recall?” — they normally report a lucid dream where they experienced something incredible that resulted in ‘fear’.

You wrote this:

” I took off so fast – probably the speed of light – and was out in the cosmos so rapidly, it frightened me.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return.  I have not dreamt lucidly since.”

So here again, I see the pattern.  The ego becomes afraid at the incredible beauty and energy of the lucid dream experience — and then the ego shuts down lucid dreaming.  It can be that simple (since the ego wants to remain in control, and when it senses the immensity of the unconscious’ knowing and experience, it feels bewildered and fearful).

How to resolve this?

Again in my workshops when I point this out to people, and encourage them to look at the lucid dream and realize the ‘fear’ was the ego response (and not a function of the lucid dream), and they come to accept that internally — then they often begin lucid dreaming again.

Basically, they ‘process’ the fear, and re-frame it, which resolves the blocked and conflicted energy from the event.  Once the blockage is resolved, the person ‘allows’ themself the ability to lucid dream again.  You can also assist this process by announcing to yourself, “I now see that I can trust lucid dreaming.  I allow myself to lucid dream and fly again!”  This inner assertion of your ‘new belief’ can make a big difference.

Also, to re-energize your interest and focus on lucid dreaming, you may want to read one of my books!  Many people tell me that they became wonderful lucid dreamers when LaBerge’s research first emerged, but then let it go — because they didn’t realize the incredible depth of lucid dreaming — and how to approach it in a deeper level — which my books focus on.  Reading my books, they tell me, re-ignites their interest, and ability to explore more successfully.

Lucid wishes!

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