often have these lost car dreams

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I have these recurring dreams-often.  I can’t remember where I left my car or the keys or my bike. The last one was so real I thought this is amusing because it’s so like the other lost car dreams I’ve had but obviously this is not a dream, it’s the real deal and I’ve actually lost my car.  Someone said”I think your car was towed by the police because it had been parked too long in front of the house.”  Any thoughts appreciated. Maybe it’s just lessons for me to understand that the dream world is just as solid and real as this one is. At some point I will hopefully get to realize these are dreams and I can progress beyond the scenery to engaging the wider mind behind it all.

I have other recurring dreams where guys are threatening me. I seem to always end the dream before anything bad can happen to me.  Don’t know why I have these.

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Hi Deric,

Thanks for your question, and sharing your experience!

After we begin to keep a dream journal and pay attention to our dreams, a person may become ‘lucid’ by noticing how dreamy things seem.  😉  Or they may become ‘lucid’ by seeing a dream symbol — and realizing that ‘Oh, then this is probably a dream too.’

But as your experience shows, sometimes we fail to test — we get close, but decide, ‘This must be real.’

For this reason, it seems wise to ‘test’ — to do a reality check or two!  Pull your finger — see if it gets longer.  Jump up in the air, and see if you come down with a thud….or hover.

So remind yourself during the day, “If I ever think or feel that it may be a dream, then I will (do my favorite reality check)!”

Lucid wishes!

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