Natural inclination to waking up when I realise I’m dreaming

Natural inclination to waking up when I realise I’m dreaming2018-01-20T08:16:46-05:00
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Hi Robert


I’ve been attempting to lucid dream for a couple of months now, and recently I’ve started to experience brief moments of lucidity. However, I find that as soon as I realise I’m dreaming I quickly start to wake up. I don’t really feel any surges of emotion (when I’ve made the discovery, I’ve tended to be quietly pleased, but nothing that feels over the top), but I just start to quickly become aware of the feeling of my physical body and the sensation of my eyes being closed. It seems that when I’m in the dream, there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe I can maintain the dream state. I wondered whether you’ve encountered this before, and if you have any advice on how to deal with it?

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Good question!  For most beginners, this seems natural.  It takes a few tries to become comfortable with being lucid.

My advice:

  1. Have a goal to achieve ‘if’ you become lucid.  Then when you realize, ‘Oh this is a dream’, think ‘Now what did I want to do?’  As soon as you recall your goal, you will have a reason to stay in the lucid dream.  For example, a simple goal might be to ask a dream figure, ‘What do you represent?’ or to ‘fly’ to the top of a building.
  2. Second, see lucid dreaming as natural — that means, lucid dreaming has been discussed by people for thousands of years.  Tens of thousands of people became lucid last night.  It is natural, normal and interesting.  If you see it as natural, then you can explore it and enjoy it.
  3. Have fun with it.  See the joy in it.

Lucid wishes!

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