Lucid or something else?

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I have recently started to become aware that I am dreaming (I believe) I want to wake up because I don’t like knowing that I am conscious and start to panic in my dream. The world around me I cannot control and notice that I always appear drowsy in my sleeping state. I panic and try to open my eyes which I feel like I do but cannot open them fully and everything is blurry. I continue to try and do various things to wake up and believe I have moving around in my bed trying to wake up (although I tend to be in the same position I went to sleep in) I always think I have passed on or I’m going to die or be trapped forever.

i always wake up with a jump and feel traumatised like I have been trapped in my dream for hours.

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Hi Maria,

Thanks for your question.

First, I have had more than one thousand lucid dreams and they can be very fun — since you can fly, dance in the sky and do amazing things!

Now as a small child, I use to worry about getting snatched by a monster at night.  But maybe by age 9, I realized that I had never been snatched, and I always woke up in the morning!  That gave me a great degree of comfort — and I quit worrying so much.

I mention that simply to say that you have always naturally wakened from these lucid dreams, right?  So there is no need to worry — since your history has shown that you always wake up 😉

But here’s how you can leave a lucid dream and wake up in bed.

Waking up in bed is actually very easy, because the lucid dream state responds to your thinking.  So if you tell yourself, “I will wake up now” — then you will wake up in bed.  Or you can make a mental rule, like “Every time I fall to the ground, I will wake up!”  One of my friends created this rule for herself — and it works (because she believes in it)!

Again, just tell yourself to relax.

Remind yourself that you have always wakened.

And then tell yourself, “I will now wake up.”

Or create a when-then, such as “When I fall to the ground, then it will cause me to wake up!”


And of course, if you want to have fun with lucid dreams and do magic like Harry Potter, or fly through the skies like SuperWoman, then read my books on lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreams can be so much fun!

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