Lucid night terror/trying to wake up! How do I stop this?

Lucid night terror/trying to wake up! How do I stop this?2019-01-11T14:29:17-06:00


Hi, I have never practiced lucid dreaming it started happening when I was in high school and I was very scared. It eventually stopped and I started having it happen again recently. Usually I’m in another dream and then I become lucid, I’m laying in bed and I can see myself and my boyfriend next to me. I know that I am asleep, I’m desperately trying to wake up.. for some reason I’m terrified. The worst sense of fear imaginable.. I feel like I need to wake up now. Worse, there’s a deafening ringing in my ears and my head hurts like it’s going to explode. Some times I wake up in my dream and I hope that I am awake, but I find I’m still sleeping. The only way I have found to wake up is to fully give into the fear and the ringing and it gets so loud I wake up. Usually I have goosebumps all over my body when I wake up.. it is so scary. I really hate this and can’t find much help or resources to make it stop. Does anyone have any advise? Please help.

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Hi Lily,

Thanks for writing about your experience.  I think you can make a very positive improvement — so I hope you will listen to this advice.

By your description, it does not sound like a ‘lucid dream’.  Instead, it sounds like you are describing the common characteristics of (what people call) an OBE or out of body experience.  In my first book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self, I have half of chapter on the similarities and differences between ‘lucid dreams’ and ‘OBE’s’ — and your experience sounds like an OBE.

Why do I say that? Here’s why:  1) In lucid dreams, you normally do not “see yourself” laying in bed — however, in an OBE, that is very common, 2) In a lucid dream, you normally do not have “ringing” in the ears — but at the beginning of many OBE’s, that is very common, 3) In a lucid dream, normally a person is very happy because they realize, “Hey this is a dream!” — but for people who are having OBE’s, they often feel frightened or terrified, since they do not understand what is happening.

So, here is my advice:

  1. Calm down.  Try to remember that this event has happened before — and you have always been fine.  So calm down, and take it easy.  Also, think to yourself, “Millions of people have had this experience too. So it is not that big a deal.”
  2. Most OBE experts consider the ringing in the ears, as a reflection of the shift in ‘energies’ or ‘frequencies’.  So again, it does not harm a person.  It is noisy — but at a certain point it will stop.
  3. Read books on how people use the OBE state.  When you do so, you will see that people use it to have amazing adventures!
  4. As you read the books, you will see how to ‘end’ the state too.  Knowledge is power.  So read up on it, and learn about it.
  5. Finally, understand that there are a lot of people who have experienced this state, and the ringing in the ears, and seeing themselves on the bed sleeping — And they figured it out, because they read up on it, and in the process, they lost their fear of it.

If you have more questions, drop me a note at RobWaggoner AT

Best wishes (and nothing to fear),


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