Influencing the mind

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Hi Robert,

In interviews you’ve said that we influence our mind more than we influence our lucid dreams. What exactly did you mean by that?



In interviews, I often mention that when I first began lucid dreaming, I often sought to manipulate things (that is dream objects, dream settings, dream figures and so on) or my flying ability, etc., with varying degrees of success.

As I went deeper into lucid dreaming, I realized that the ‘lucid dream’ normally reflected conscious and subconscious beliefs and expectations.  For example if I had a hard time flying and slowly moved around, then I began to see that I needed to change my mind (my beliefs and expectations).  I might announce, ‘There is no gravity in a lucid dream!’, and then suddenly be able to fly easily, or even fly upside down — because now I had shifted my beliefs from ‘Flying can be hard’ to ‘No gravity, no problem! I can fly with ease!’

From this, you can see that what changed was me, and my beliefs and expectations.  And when I changed my ‘mind’, then the lucid dream largely reflected it.  If you follow this and experiment with it in lucid dreams, you begin to see that most of the ‘effort’ in lucid dream actually happens in your mind/beliefs/expectations — and not ‘out there’ in the lucid dream.

As such, you begin to ‘reflect upon your reflections’.  This can lead to enormous progress as a lucid dreamer, and in my books, I seek to share these insights with the reader.

Best wishes!

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