Hyper real images during hypnagogic state

Hyper real images during hypnagogic state2017-05-27T07:54:25-05:00


Hi Robert

During the hypnagogic state, I’m getting images that are extremely clear, not the normal mental images I get while falling asleep which are clear enough and charged with feeling, dreamlike. These are hyper real images. Always in movement, in action. People doing stuff. Faces close up, speaking… The emotional aspect is not as strong. It’s as if I were witnessing fragments of scenes going on somewhere. Extra high definition. “Hyper real” is the term that comes to mind. I’m not there with them. I just see them on a mental screen. Usually (not always) it is literally a mental screen, rectangular shape and all. Do you have any idea what this might be?



Hypnagogia, and the images or sounds that we may experience while falling asleep, can vary a bit depending upon a number of circumstances, and sometimes seem ‘hyper real’..

For example, if we feel sleep deprived, then it seems we may move more deeply into a dream-like scenario with the ‘hyper real’ imagery.  Or if we happen to take some medication before sleep, then it may result in more vivid or intense imagery.  Or if we have learned to maintain our awareness as we fall asleep (perhaps due to WILD practices), then we may notice that the imagery becomes ‘more real’ as we allow ourselves to go deeper (and yes, sometimes, it seems like a mental screen, or an area that we need to move into or pull ourselves into if we wish to become lucid).  And finally, if something is going on in our life that has a fair amount of emotional energy, then it would seem possible that our hypnagogic imagery moves to greater intensity or a super real sense.

Perhaps one of those situations apply to you.