How to overcome a dry spell

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I started a log called to get going.  While reading ‘again’ my books about lucid dreaming I had several lucid dreams but usually very short. Now those have declined.  To me it seems my enthusiasm has waned which seems to have a direct connection to lucid dreams.  Actually enthusiasm has not waned, but an element of it which inspires lucid dreams to occur.  I mean becoming a lucid dreamer is still my first goal in life and that is because of the real life benefits to be had.

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Hi Deric,

As you note, the energy of enthusiasm often helps a person to have some lucid dreams.  But when the enthusiasm begins to wane or dissipate, then the lucid dreams can seem to become very rare.

I have noted this with many people who come to my personal workshops or on-line workshops.  When they first begin, they feel enthused, ‘expect’ to have lucid dreams and focus on it.  But later, things change.

If you look at it closely, not only does the level of enthusiasm drop, but the anticipation and expectation disappears and the focus shifts to other issues (and away from lucid dreaming).  For this reason, I encourage people to develop habits of ‘playful persistence’ — or create a playful way to discipline themselves to make lucid dreaming a priority — whether reading about lucid dreams before sleep (and you can find plenty of lucid dreams at the free magazine Lucid Dreaming Experience, which I co-edit with a friend, just go to ), or doing reality checks during the day, or exploring ‘mindfulness’ practices.

All of these things can encourage lucid dreaming, and keep you ‘in the game’.  Enthusiasm is great, but feelings often fade, so you need some practices and approaches to keep your mind involved in lucid dreaming for the long term!

Lucid wishes!

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