Healing Cubes as a Child?

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Hello Robert,

I love your passion and all that you are doing for Lucid Dreaming.

I had my first Lucid dream last month and ever since have become obsessed. My whole life is changing because of it.

I’m 37, and have been thinking about a dream I used to have as a child.

I believe it’s some form of healing lucid dream, yet at the time I didn’t realise…it’s only now I’m starting to wonder about it.

It was a reoccurring dream I would have whenever I was ill. I have tried to research it online but been unable to find anything. I just wondered if you had any experience of this type of dream.

If I was ill as a child, I would always have this dream of being in space and observing from a distance a small cube, which I believe was me, connecting with an identical but much larger cube.

The dream was unique in that I wouldn’t just see the cubes, but feel, taste and smell everything. All my senses were in the cube…It is impossible to describe but I remember always looking forwarding to being ill as a child as I would experience this dream and think, yesss, it’s the cube dreams again.

It felt like pure joy. Pure pleasure. I’ve never forgot these dreams, but looking back now it feels like these were maybe lucid healing dreams?

I’ve had quite a few lucid dreams since my first one last month, but I’m still trying to stabilise them so haven’t been able to ask about this dream inside a lucid dream, but just wondered if you had any thoughts on, or experience of, this type of dream.

Thank you Robert,


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Hi Sophie,

Glad to hear of your interest in lucid dreaming!  It offers almost everyone a chance to explore their larger awareness and constructively improve their life.

A recent survey of schoolchildren (ages 6 to 19) by lucid dream researchers in Germany found that 51% had experienced a lucid dream.  They even had lucid dream accounts by 6 year olds.  Of course, when we are that young, we don’t have a ‘term’ for the experience.

It sounds like you (even as a child) noticed the significance of the dream — and then when it reoccured, you had a basic sense of ‘Oh, this is that same dream experience again’ (which basically makes it a lucid dream or a semi-lucid dream).

Reading your experience reminded me a quote by Pythagoras (the mystical explorer of geometry and mathematics), who supposedly said something to the effect that the ‘Self’ (or soul) was the waking self or ego, squared.  So if the ego was 4, the Self/Soul was 16 (or the amount squared – or in a sense, always in a larger dimensional framework).

I have had dreams and lucid dreams of interacting with geometric shapes, and aware ‘light’ — which results in a new appreciation of geometry and light.  You come to see why the ancients considered these things as ‘sacred sciences’.

Best wishes on your future explorations,


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