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Robert, one night I was trying to relax myself and use WILD to enter LD. After hypnagogia something unusual happened, after some visual hallucinations I have “entered” golden light. It was not very bright light like described in NDEs, just nice golden light. When I entered the golden light, i felt very blissful (there is more to add, but let’s make the question short). Entrance to the light was not through LD, it just appeared, looked like I am unconsciously moving towards it (it was getting more intense), then it became everything. I was not asking/solving any spiritual questions, just trying to have WILD. At that blissful point I was aware who I am, where I am, I had accessible memory (so it was not like ego dissolution, where everything disappeared in my case). Do you have any comments about this? I see similarity with your blue light.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing your experience of ‘golden light’ through hypnagogia.  As you point out, it was unexpected, did not involve ego dissolution, but became more intense as you allowed it to happen (and had a feeling of bliss).

So, it sounds like to me that you may have stumbled into an introductory experience to what may occur in Yoga Nidra (because something similar happened to me, while doing a Yoga Nidra exercise – though mine also had waves of energy in a golden light environment).

You may want to read up on Yoga Nidra, or try some of their practices.

Lucid wishes!