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Dear Robert Waggoner,

There’s a continuous narrative that I have been experiencing in Lucid dreams for about 7 years. The narrative has progressed but it only seems to become more and more mysterious and confusing. Recently, I came across your lectures and interviews on youtube (very eager to read your book!) and the experiences you shared has brought some understanding but also invited in new questions. What happens is that I can only interact with dream figures so long as they don’t know that I am lucid, and if they do find out that I am, they will attack me in some way so to wake me up.

The strangest part, though, is that this goes for all except one. There’s this one dream figure that will actively try to prompt me into realizing I am dreaming so that they may speak to me, and at times they will seem conscious and in control of the situation even if I am not myself. In regular dreams, I will see them staring at me as though waiting for an opportunity to engage into speaking; they will often take me away from those dream figures or else, or act along with the dream narrative searching for a window to interact with me. After I started to watch your videos, I decided I should address directly to the larger consciousness so to ask why are my dream figures aren’t collaborating except for that one, and what would they represent.

However, on my latest experience, I called out to the dream consciousness and I got no response. Now I’m wondering if it could be that this particular dream figure is the embodiment of my larger consciousness. Also, I’m wondering if there’s anything that could be done regarding the other figures. It might be worth mentioning that the aware figure is someone I know in real life but am not at all intimate to, and they seem to behave quite strangely in my presence, which leads me to wonder whether it could be that this is not a dream figure but somehow and independent consciousness. I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while and I would love to hear your thoughts on it all. If you’d have any information or advice to offer so to help me progress on this path, I would be forever grateful. Thank you for your time and your wonderful contribution.

Lucid Wishes!

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Thanks for sharing your lucid dream experience!  Hope you have a chance to read my books, since I believe it will help put things in a better context.

As I mention in my books, all dream figures are not created equal.  Some seem unable to respond or comprehend or behave.  While others seem very responsive, knowledgeable and self-directed (often independent of the desire or expectation of the lucid dreamer).

It’s not uncommon that some people have ‘distractors’ in their lucid dreams, who might distract, attack or hassle the lucid dreamer.  These likely represent one’s self doubts or something (and in most cases, you can send them thoughts of love and compassion, and they will lose their energy and become smaller — which shows you that they are ‘projected mental energy’ — since your ‘change of mind’ leads them to changing to a different form).

If this was my experience, and I routinely noticed that one aware lucid dream figure or set of figures wished to interact with me, or actively assisted me, then I would make it a goal to do this:  Ask open ended questions such as “Who are you?” or “What do you represent?”

By doing this, you may discover that you interact with an archetype of wisdom, or inner knowing.  Or perhaps, it may respond that it represents your inner self, for example.  But you need to remember to stop in the lucid dream, and think, “This is my chance to find out what that aware dream figure is all about!” and then proceed to ask the open ended questions.

Lucid wishes!

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