Dream vibrating in response to requests to conscious unconscious?

Dream vibrating in response to requests to conscious unconscious?2019-01-23T06:48:12-06:00


I had a lucid dream last night and immediately after entering the dream I looked up and said “show me something important” like advised in Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self.  The dream started to vibrate at a low intensity, and climbed to a high intensity as the 2 minute dream progressed.  While the vibrations were going on I explored the dream landscape, alternating my attention quickly between different objects in order to prolong the dream.  I was also looking around in hope of finding the something important I requested.  I never found anything and eventually the dream ended while still vibrating after about two minutes.  I had similar results when I asked the dream to “have a pure conscious experience” (my interpretation of the clear light mind taken from the book The Mind Illuminated).

What could the conscious unconscious be telling me by responding with vibrating?  Thanks!

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Hi Luke,

As I have mentioned in response to other questions, a lucid dreamer has to be aware of a few things (when making requests):

  1. The exact language that they use — I mention in my book, how a simple change in a preposition (looking for versus looking at) can dramatically influence the resulting outcome or experience,
  2. The lucid dreamers own BEFIW or own beliefs and mindset:  For example a person who asks but also (secretly) fears the response may have a strange situation of feeling stuck, or having lots of unexpressed tension or getting no response.  This experience means that the person’s issue (or beliefs or fears) are tainting the experience — and not allowing for a clear expression.

Because of this, if it is your first time trying to make a request, I suggest going to something even simpler “Hey dream, show me something really funny!” — and see what happens.

Some people, when asking for “something important” actually fear learning anything at all or being shown some of their own issues.

Lucid wishes!

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