Dream Recall improvement!?

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Hey Robert,
Big fan, i’ve actually just come across you again recently on the Ascend Podcast where you’re talking to the boys Chris and Dan. Awesome conversations, would love to reach out and do a podcast with you myself one day.
I’m having a little bit of trouble with my dream recall not being what I want it to be. Haven’t been too fussed with having lucid dreams just yet (again) until I increase the recall. Years ago when I got into lucid dreaming I was having quite a few lucid dreams and also doing the WBTB method a lot, felt a lot of disrupted sleep so haven’t wanted to go back to that. However back then I was writing down pages upon pages of a4. Once I wrote a 3 page dream which was about a zombie invasion which was sooo awesome, details everywhere. It wasn’t lucid but the recall was amazing.
So over the past 4-6 months i’ve gotten back into my dreaming and I would say 5-7 days out of the week I will recall some dreams. Nowhere near an a4 page for one dream yet, but I used to have this ability. I’m feeling like I need to be training my memory for specifically getting on top of this and was wondering if you had any advice in relation to this?

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Hi Chris,
There are lots of lucid dream induction methods (besides WBTB), which do not require disrupting sleep.  So I hope you will check out my book Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple (co-authored with Londoner, Caroline McCready) for some of these other techniques, and find one that works for you.
When it comes to dream recall, it’s important to ‘play’ with memory, and ‘play’ with dream recall (instead of making it a heavy task, which itself is dis-incentivizing).  During the day, you might want to activate your critical awareness by observing and memorizing things in a playful way.  For example, notice the street names on your way to work, and memorize the list.  Some night you may begin to do this, and realize, ‘Am I Lucid’ seems like a strange name for a street ?!! — and find yourself in a lucid dream (I have had a street ‘sign’ serve as a dream sign – and become lucid — so it’s possible).
You can take vitamin B before sleep and do other things (mentioned in my book) — but my sense is that you have inadvertently made dream recall a chore (and this ‘punishment’ makes it work – so you naturally lessen the work by recalling less).  Who knows — you might want to ‘sketch’ in your dream journal — just sketch it like a play: the Setting, the Issue/Conflict, and the Resolution.  Have fun with it.

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