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Dear Robert,

I’m Josh. I got into lucid dreaming 2 and a half months ago and chose to buy your book Gateway to the Inner Self as well as a Stephen LaBerge book.

I’ve gotten to the point that I can induce lucid dreams each time I use my technique and have gotten lucid 27 nights since I got the book after a challenging learning curve.

Now when I enter the lucid dream, instead of dream sex I am interested in creating healing energy. However, almost always when I attempt to create energy in the lucid dream state, nothing happens. On about 8 attempts now in the past week and a half, 6 tries resulted in nothing and my most recent 2 tries resulted in a small amount of energy that I placed on myself and felt tingles and warmth but no noticeable physical changes.

I try to use my focus and expectations and intent and will with emotions but i seem to be having a tough time creating a large amount of energy.

My question is how would I go about creating a large amount of healing energy in the dream state?

– Thanks again for the awesome book

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your question — I’ve been traveling so I appreciate your patience.

First congratulations on your lucid dreams!  That’s great.

It might help, if you send me an example of your lucid dreams (one case where you seemed to create some energy, and one case where nothing happened).  Because lucid dreaming is ‘mentally reflective’, it helps to tell me what you are thinking or sensing, when the lucid dream is happening.  You can send it to me at RobWaggoner AT aol.com

To your general question, though — it could be a number of things — like using a ‘technique’ that does not appeal to you at some deeper level — or having some inner conflicts about the entire issue — or something.  😉  But chances are that there is a relatively easy way to work around it, and make some progress.

Lucid wishes!

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