Connection between dreams and stomach acid?

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Hi, I’ve been slowly making my way through your book Lucid Dreaming and have been really enjoying it. You have some great tips and I have remembered some of these and used them while in lucid dreams and to induce lucid dreams (seeing hands, stabilizing, not letting emotions take over, combining emotion with intent). So thanks!

I have a bizarre question, and I don’t know who else might have an answer. I’m an avid lucid dreamer and just experienced something new. While immersed in a lucid dream I became concerned about my physical, sleeping body (not concerned that something was wrong, I just wanted to know if my body was doing something without my control). I tried to hold on to the dream with half of my consciousness while very slowly creeping the other half of consciousness towards a waking state in search of my body. The process was very gradual, in depth and lasted at least 5 minutes. Two separate realities became overlayed on top of each other. The one side of consciousness slowly entering deeper into the ‘grey’ state and then into a hovering, floating state, and then to finding my body, then becoming body aware, and then waking up. Completely bypassing the black state or void. I did hold onto the dream throughout this as long as I could with the other half of my consciousness, but once entering into my body to check in on it, the dream disappeared. When I was fully awake my body was full of tons of stomach acid/bile. I kept burping up this horrid tasting acidicness. That continued for 15 minutes. Both of these experiences (the gradual, controlled waking up and burping) are something I’ve never experienced before and I’m just wondering if there is a connection in a way. Perhaps if trying to maintain two realities at one time created the acid, or something like this.

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Thanks for sharing your interesting experience.  As I mention in my first book, sometimes in a lucid dream we may have a sense of our body.  For example, once in a lucid dream, I had this feeling that something was happening with my body, and moved my senses in that direction.  I then noted (from within the lucid dream) that it seemed my breathing was hampered, and perhaps my physical body was face down in the pillow, or the sheet was covering my mouth.  Since this feeling persisted, I decided to wake, and found that the sheet was actually obstructing my breathing and in my mouth.

In your experience, you noted a lot of acid and burping upon waking, as you slowly move towards waking physical reality.  I have not experienced this, so I do not know if it has any connection or association.  It may simply be a one off situation.  It seems a bit hard to imagine why your process of slowly waking would create stomach acid.

If you try the slowly deliberate waking process again, let me know what happens.

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