Communicating with the awareness behind the dream

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In a lucid dream, when you communicate with the awareness behind the dream, does it have to be in English?  English is not my native  language, so I wonder if there are examples of people using other languages to communicate.


(This question was originally asked by Shriniwas, but in the process of responding, I lost his original question….)


Hi Shriniwas,

Thanks for your question. I have heard from lucid dreamers around the world, who ask a question or make a request in their own language in the lucid dream. Normally, they receive a response in keeping with their question (which means, if they ask ‘Show me____’ then the response will normally be visual, and if they ask ‘Let me experience _____’ then the response will normally be experiential).

In the Spring 2017 issue of the free online magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, at — a lucid dreamer, Esther, asks a question of the larger awareness and then is surprised to see certain symbols and a Greek word (which she had to investigate on Google to learn its meaning since she does not speak Greek). I bring this up to say that sometimes lucid dreamers may hear or see words in Latin, Greek, possibly Sanskrit, etc.

So, please use your native language when interacting with the awareness behind the dream. As I point out in my books, 1) the exact wording of the question or request is very important, 2) sometimes it takes a little bit of time to see or hear or experience the response, 3) some questions rarely get responses (and these are ego based ones, such as, “Should I go to college, or should I do work at a bakery?” ), and 4) the lucid dreamer must open up to the experience and ‘trust’ (you can not ask, and at the same time, ‘fear’ the response).

Lucid Wishes!

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