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Robert, one more question. You write about asking the “guide behind the dream” (the higher awareness), just by asking a question. This does not work for me. When I ask or say something to the guide, there is no reaction at all. I can use my conscious intention to manipulate the dream, but guide is simply not responding. On the other hand, at one emotionally a bit difficult point (in non-lucid-dream ASC) something grabbed my hand and told me “not to worry and go ahead” (both voice and tactile hallucination/illusion).

Have you developed this skill to communicate with the guide directly somehow?


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Hi again Martin,

Thanks for your question about lucid dreaming and interacting with one’s subconscious mind or ‘larger awareness’ or ‘awareness behind the dream.’

To those reading this, who might want to try it, I suggest that when you become lucid, and stabilize the dream, that you simply ignore the dream figures and objects, then look up, and ask (something like), ‘Hey dream!  Show me something important for me to know!’  Often, something will then appear, or some entirely new setting/situation will appear.  In some cases, this can be quite dramatic and personally significant (for more info and examples — see my books).

Many people have success with this.  However, some people do not — and often when they send me their lucid dream, it is easy to see that they have a fear or reticence about engaging another level of awareness (for example, they may not be able to speak, or start to feel queasy).

Also, there are some people who do not succeed, but when they share with me their question or request (asked in the lucid dream), it seems almost non-sensical, or over-layed with stuff that is in the ego’s domain.

So my suggestion to you is to try this:

1) Ask simple questions/requests first, such as, ‘Hey dream, show me something important!’ or ‘Hey dream, show me something hilarious!’

2) Then positively expect a response — and if you get a response, examine it (since sometimes the subconscious speaks in symbolic terms, which the ego may not understand) — or you may get a vocal response.

3) Also examine your self — and your beliefs and emotions — if you do not ‘expect’ this to work, then you yourself may inhibit a relational response — or if you ‘believe’ that you control the entirety of the lucid dream, then you have already set up a lucid dream reality where this idea is not accepted.

Hope that helps!