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Hello Robert I’d like to know your opinion on how do you handle threatening or agressive dream figures? As I understood from your previous posts you advice to treat them with compassionate. I agree, I used to do so, but tonight I had a nightmare where my cousin was trying to rape me and I realized it was a dream and thought “oh, this is a LD so I can kill him” and I did, I was killing him with such a pleasure. I was going to bed very angry with some circumstances last night and that resulted in such dream and in such agression from my part that I  couldn’t feel any compassion I needed to release it and I could do nothing but be agressive. Is it OK? Normally I’m not an agressive person in real life not in dreams.


Hi Roxanne,

Thanks for your question about lucidly responding to aggressive dream figures. Normally, I tell lucid dreamers that if they can respond to aggressive dream figures by asking a question, like ‘Who are you?’ or ‘What do you represent?’, then they might learn what they are battling. Similarly, if they respond by sending compassion, love and understanding to an aggressive dream figure, then they will normally see the aggressive figure shrink down to something simple or harmless, or maybe even turn into light. By responding in these kind of ways, we often ‘resolve’ things or gain new understandings, new insight.

In your case, it sounds like you went to bed feeling angry, then had this dream, and became lucid. That may have ‘pre-disposed’ you to deciding that killing the dream figure seemed the best response in that moment (so you could release those feelings of anger). Your response reminded you that you have ‘power’ and can stop events from occurring or alter them. For some people, that seems a wonderful lesson (especially if they feel dis-empowered in their life). It’s okay to claim your own power, and use it thoughtfully.

The important point: Understanding the issue (presented symbolically) and lucidly working to resolve it (whether waking or dreaming). In some situations, this may involve a series of steps….. and gradual realizations.

Lucid wishes!


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