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Sea Bear (anonymous)

I have good dream recall, and am very familiar with my dream signs and figures, however I do not become lucidly aware when I see them in my dreams. Even when I acknowledge that they are not supposed to be there, such as deceased people and old friends. It seems that now matter how strange the situation, my mind will not let me become lucidly aware.

Thank you very much for your consideration



It seems every lucid dreamer shares this challenge!

In one of my on-line workshops, a participant told me that she was driving along and saw a truck which had a giant ad for Lucid Dreaming, and I believe even asked, ‘Are you dreaming now?’  Instead of becoming lucid, she got mad, thinking, ‘Look how they have commercialized lucid dreaming!  It’s even being advertised on trucks now!’  😉

In the morning, she felt both amused (that her dreaming awareness had put in that clue) and alarmed (that she missed it, and resorted to getting upset).

In my books, I emphasize that critical awareness needs to become part of our daytime activities, so it will then be more likely in our night-time dreaming — pushing us to lucid awareness.

Notice how you might assume and presume during the day, and rarely question or examine deeply.  In my experience, lucid dreaming increased considerably, when I began to question my waking experience (for example, asking myself when I saw something odd or emotive, ‘Why am I seeing this?’  or ‘How does this event connect with me?’).

By doing that during the day consistently, I began to do it in my dreams, and suddenly would realize, ‘This is too strange — so this must be a dream!’  😉

If you have a chance, please read my books (or re-read them).  Many people have told me that simply doing that increases their lucid dreaming.

Also, observe your thinking and your thought-stream.  Above you wrote “It seems that now matter how strange the situation, my mind will not let me become lucidly aware” — and since the Unconscious is always listening, that kind of thinking is like a hypnotic suggestion (which you do not want!).  Instead, see your ‘mind’ as your ally and your Helper — it brought to you a number of things that should prompt lucidity — so thank it!  See how it helps, and encourage your natural talent to observe and critically examine.

Lucid wishes!

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