Have not been lucid yet + OBE/lucid connection

Have not been lucid yet + OBE/lucid connection2019-01-04T20:24:23-05:00


Hi Robert.

So exciting to have read your book!! (bought it at the last IASD conference.) I am also thrilled you are an explorer and love that you are questioning the reality of our curious dream space!

I am a bit frustrated!!  I tried for 3 months looking at my hands before sleep and had several dreams of doing things with my hands. No lucidity. For the past 2 months I’m trying “Tonight I will have a lucid dream.” No lucidity.  I mostly wake up with non-lucid dreams and continue the mantra.  I created crib notes to carry around with me of what to say/ not say/focus/develop questions etc.  I am bound and determined to try this….what am I missing?  I meditate every day, I view my waking life as a dream, I lead dream groups, record my dreams for 40 years. I will keep at it, but what else do I need to do? I am patient and very persistent…

As a side note, I am adding to my waking life things you mention in your book for lucid dreaming, so I love saying “thought-forms disappear!” “clarity now!” ask open end questions, focus, etc.  Makes life seem like 24 hour day…alot of fun and magic!!

Many thanks –  I have your promo post card about Lucid Dreaming (book)that I picked up off the table at IASD,  now at my Little Free Dream Library in front of my house!


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