Articles by Robert Waggoner about Lucid Dreaming

The Potentials of Lucid Dreaming

As you go deeper and deeper into the experience of lucid dreaming, you discover its enormous potential for powerful and life-changing experiences.  For those who have never had a lucid dream, this may seem like a bold claim.  But for lucid dreamers with decades of experience, and some insight into the proper approach, it seems […]

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Psychological Healing through Lucid Dreaming

More than twenty years ago in The Healing Power of Dreams, Patricia Garfield presciently observed, “The potential for healing in lucid dreams is enormous.” Researchers like Stephen LaBerge and Jayne Gackenbach had already gathered anecdotal reports of apparent physical healing experiences from an OMNI magazine survey of lucid dreamers in 1987, and Ed Kellogg reported […]

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