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Hi Robert, Firstly i must say, I am almost done with ‘ Gateway to inner self’, and I just cant get over the treasures i’ve discovered! i had always been lucid while dreaming but never had an idea what was going on. it was after a few false awakenings that i started researching and found ‘gateway to inner self’. i just finished chapter fourteen on telepathy, but it left me a little confused. As in, how does the sender transmit information. Is it through affirmations and intent before going to bed or he/ she does it while lucid? or is it a combination of both. Similarly, how does the receiver get the message? You mention that he/ she need not be lucid. in that case, does it not imply that anyone can get the message? Is it that it’s the senders intent which matters the most, so that only the ones intended to receive can make an attempt?

I am really fascinated by the topic and would like to research as much as possible. Been making notes of all books you’ve referenced and will try to go through all of them, especially ‘Dream telepathy: Experiments in the nocturnal’ – Ullman & Kipper. I’ll appreciate your guidance in this journey.



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Hi Samir,

Thanks for your note.  In writing my first book, I wished to give lucid dreamers a basis from which to explore rationally the dream state, the unconscious and the nature of the mind.  Someday, I hope that scientific researchers will also explore these ideas.

In a large perspective, you may have to accept the idea of quantum physics in which entanglements exists within this system, which we call ‘reality’.  Things, which do not seem connected at first glance, may actually have a connection.  In my book, I came to see all of this as an interconnected Oneness.

If you check out the book by Stanley Krippner, PhD on Dream Telepathy, then you will have your other questions answered.

Best wishes,


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