Awake when lucid, but still in the dream

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I have been intrigued with lucid dreaming, and recently decided to read Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self as an extension of an ongoing spiritual journey of mine which also includes studying to become an Actor. My story—as with most—is fairly long, so I’ll cut to the chase; last night I became aware that I was in a dream, but at the same time, I also became aware of my physical self. I was now in full control of my body and could have moved at will, but I was still in the dream. At this point, my awareness in the dream did not change but my experience of it, did—I relate it to being in a daydream where the experience is not comparable to waking reality. I realise now that this is an experience I’ve had several dozen times in my life.

Everything I’ve found on the internet about waking after becoming lucid pertains only with leaving the dreamworld altogether, I’ve not yet found anything about waking, but staying in the dream as though it were a daydream. Do you have any advice that might help me stay in the dream without becoming aware of my physical self or my surroundings? I’m hoping that if I remain unaware of my physical self, it will help increase awareness in the dream.



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Hi Christopher,

Glad to hear that you see the value of lucid dreaming as a means of personal insight, exploration and spiritual growth.

In my books, I discuss the importance of ‘focus’ in lucid dreams.  For example, if you become lucid and walk outside, then what do you focus upon?  By observing your mind, you will see that you may be drawn into instinctual energies and focus on the attractive woman walking by, or you may focus on some ‘experiment’ that you scientific mind wished to perform, or you may decide to engage in a spiritual practice, like meditating, from within the lucid dream.  Your ‘focus’ in that moment will determine the course of your lucid dream.

Now, if you become ‘lucid’ and then ‘focus’ on whether or not you can feel your physical body, then guess what?  You will begin to activate that feeling, and may notice that you can now feel the bed sheets or the lump in the bed — while simultaneously being in the lucid dream.  However, if you keep focusing on the physical, then the lucid dream seems more ‘daydream-like’, until eventually you may enter a lucid day-dream type situation.

Because of this, I would suggest ‘not’ focusing on any body sensations at all.  In fact, remind yourself that your body is doing fine and lying in bed, but you need to go deeper into the lucid dream and focus on it.  (Note: Some people may have fears or concerns that make them want to ‘check’ in on their body — but if you can let that go, then it will allow you to use lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice which is your personal goal.)

To go deeper, focus on exploring the lucid dream.

Use Your Focus.

Best wishes,


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